Our salon specializes in professional eyebrow threading and shaping to meet and satisfy our customers’ needs.  Eyebrow threading is becoming more popular within the Western region of the world, which originated over 100 years ago in parts of India and Asia. 
Threading is an effective hair removal technique which is safe and clean compared to waxing.  The benefits of threading far outweigh that of waxing or tweezing.  Threading is 100% natural and requires NO chemicals whatsoever!  It causes less irritation, pain and redness.  In addition, by threading, your hair will not grow back as fast compared with waxing. 
Our talented and skillful staff will be able to shape your eyebrows to meet your needs and provide you with a natural beautiful look!   
Dazzle Beauty staff has over 15 years of expertise in the industry of eyebrow threading.  We also provide a full range of services, including threading upper lip, sideburns, forehead, chin and full face.
You can relax and feel comfortable in our salon while our staff take care of your needs. 
Come and experience the benefits of threading versus waxing!!
Our Services Include:
·         Eyebrow threading & shaping
·         Threading upper lip, sideburns, chin, forehead and threading full face
·         Henna Tattoo

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